Is It Better To Shampoo Or Steam Clean Carpets

Is It Better To Shampoo Or Steam Clean Carpets

When it comes to comparing steam carpet cleaning or shampooing, there will be a few points. You should go through in detail about these. Only then will they be able to make the right conclusion. Both these methods are good. But both have their pros and cons. Thus, when you want to know what is a better option, steam cleaning the carpets or shampooing them, then you must read the relevant information given below!

How are steam cleaning and carpet shampooing different?

The carpet steam cleaning method is the hot water extraction method. In this method, experts use steam and hot water on the carpet. This will remove germs, contaminants, dust, and also allergens. This is one of the best and natural methods. Because in most cases only steam cleans the surface of the carpets. There is no use of chemicals and this method can make the carpet look like a new one. After the process of steam cleaning and drying, it will give you a new look altogether. The reason why it is a popular and convenient method is that in this the drying time will be less. This method is effective to also fight off the prominence of pests and the eggs on the carpets.

In carpet shampooing, the carpet has to be cleaned with special chemicals. Thus after the carpet shampooing process of carpet, there will be some residue that will be left. If your carpet is too much soiled then it will give you a new effect. By cleaning the carpet with this shampooing method, there will be freedom from germs and contaminants. However, in this method, too much wetness is there and finally, there will also be a slow drying time.

Understand the condition of the carpet and then decide which method is better

You must decide the condition of the carpet and then this will help you to finalize which method is the best. When you are shampooing the carpet, you will see that the carpet becomes too wet and there will be the use of chemicals too. On the other hand, carpet cleaner is better because it will use no chemicals and the process of drying up is pretty fast. 

Steam carpet cleaning should be taken up once a year. So, steam cleaning is one of the popular and most followed options.


If the carpet is heavily soiled then carpet shampooing will be a good option. If your motive is to get rid of the pollutants, allergens, and germs then steam cleaning or hot water extraction should be used as a basic way to clean and maintain the carpets. So, take charge of things in such a way that you know what options are going to work for you. Be ready to make life better and this will help you to even take care of your health in a better way. You can also hire the best carpet cleaning service for the best results. Contact us today for more details at 0731 865 652 now.