The Different Services We Offer

The Different Services We Offer

Carpet cleaning is a scientific technique in itself. You can not fix all kinds of carpet stains, scratches, tiffs, and scuffs with the use of a universal carpet cleaning method. Since carpets came into demand people have a question in their mind that do different kinds of carpets need different types of cleaning? Well, the answer is simply yes. And, it is not only for different types of carpets. But sometimes the same kind of carpet needs carpet cleaning methods properly.

If you bought a new carpet and don’t have any idea what kind of carpet cleaning service you need. Then, don’t worry, in this article, you will get to know different types of carpet cleaner. They will help you to understand what kind of service you need for your carpets.

The types of methods needed for carpet cleaning depend on many factors like evaluation of material, construction, color, age, traffic, or soiling. This evaluation of carpets is very important. You need this service or method to clean your carpets.

Different types of carpet construction

Carpets are of five types:

Woven carpet, modular carpet tiles, flock carpet, tuft carpet, and fiber bond carpets. Let’s take a closer look at each type of carpet construction.

  1. Woven Carpet: The woven carpet came into trend in the market in the 5th Century BC. The woven carpets are very expensive in the price range. Some of the best or most popular woven carpet ranges are Axminster and Wilton. Axminster type carpets are very colorful carpets. On the other hand, Wilton carpets are totally different, they trap a lot of soil in them almost equal to their weight. So, pile lifting or cleaning is very important before you do wet cleaning.
  2. Tufted Carpet: Tufted carpets are way too cheaper in comparison to woven carpets and that’s the reason it is more preferable to commercial or residential property owners. Tufted carpets have covered about 90% of the carpets market. The characteristic of tufted carpets is similar to Wilton carpets, as it also traps soil a lot. So, it is very important that you do pile lifting and cleaning in high-traffic areas of your property.
  3. Modular carpet tiles: Modular carpet tiles you can use in contract markets places a lot. And it is costly in price but they are very durable. And that’s the reason people mostly adopt it. Highly soiled modular carpet tiles require pre-spray with a very well-known treatment of dry carpet.
  4. Flocked carpet: Flocked carpets are generally used in places where stains are very common to happen like in mental hospitals. But, nowadays these carpets are also preferred by home or business owners too.
  5. Fiber bonded carpets: Fire bonded carpets are generally used in places like schools, offices, and hospitals. And, it is very durable but it is not suitable in wet conditions.


In this article, we have shared details about the types of carpet constructions. So, according to your carpet type you need to do carpet cleaning and you can also hire carpet cleaning services who offer you various types of carpet cleaning according to your carpet type.